Women's Boots | Active Series

Women's Active boots, light summer boots, perfect for hot seasons

Incredibly comfortable and versatile, our Active women’s boots are an essential accessory to keep in your wardrobe to be sure you can always count on Blundstone quality, even when the weather warms up. With a suede upper, these shoes also come in a lightweight and breathable canvas for a casual yet sophisticated look. The Active collection goes perfectly with skinny jeans, soft cotton jersey trousers or lightweight minidresses in colourful floral, optical or geometric patterns. Their minimal, understated design makes them versatile, to complement your every look. All the Active women’s boots come with double tabs for easy pull-on, durable elastic side panels, and a slim and comfortable footbed. The breathable construction reduces fatigue and posture issues with the lower back, legs and feet, while the rubber sole provides excellent grip on any type of terrain. With our Active women’s boots, you can wear a sporty boot that’s perfect for outdoor adventures or strolling in the city while still enjoying classic Blundstone attention to detail, such as the branded sole and tabs or the decorative stitching on the front and heel. Choosing women’s Blundstone Active boots means appreciating artisanal footwear that has evolved over time without compromising on style or function. 150 years on, these same design elements mean our boots continue to be loved, generation after generation. The best thing about every Blundstone boot? The high-quality materials are hand-selected and processed by world-leading tanners, while the iconic and unmistakable design adapts with the style, yet remains true to the classic lines of the Chelsea boot. Blundstone, EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME, since 1870.
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