For 150 years, our commitment and responsibility to our community has remained unchanged. 
The difference is that our community now reaches the furthest points of the globe. 

Blundstone holds itself to the highest standard. As a responsible business, it’s a journey that will never end.

We will achieve this by striving for constant improvement. By going above and beyond all relevant laws and standards. By being honest and open. Through accountability for ourselves and those within our value chain. And by ensuring that our people do the right thing by our brand, our products and the planet.

We are proud to launch our Every Step Better Program that encapsulates our commitment to ethical and responsible business management, or as we say, simply doing the right thing.

You can hold us accountable...

by sizing us up against our Blundstone Code of Conduct (pdf icon available here), in which we set the minimum standards and expectations that we and our partners are working together to achieve and exceed. It’s about raising up the welfare of our employees, the responsible and efficient use of resources, and by reducing our footprint on the planet.

Our major partners include Blundstone footwear manufacturers, leather suppliers and Blundstone distributors.

Every step we take, we ask ourselves, is this the right direction for our product, our people and our planet?
We acknowledge our journey as a responsible brand is ongoing.
But we’ve made a commitment that every step must be better than our last.

Our planet

With our eyes on the future, we strive to minimize our environmental impact through proactive management and partner encouragement.

Our people

A company is only as good as how it treats its people. For 150 years Blundstone has prided itself on positive employment practices.

Our products

We pride ourselves on the quality of materials and the skills required to craft our boots. Tough, durable and designed to last.

Our future

We’re committed to proactively manage and reduce our impact today and for future generations.

<b>Our planet</b>

Our planet


With our eyes on the future, we strive to minimise our environmental impact.

We only do business with suppliers that we believe are sufficiently active in improving environmental impact and practices.

We encourage all our suppliers to examine and set strategies around the areas of:
Waste management;
Energy consumption;
Water usage and handling;
and Managing emissions.

Monitoring Environmental

ImpactSince implementing Every Step Better, none of our major manufacturing partners have recorded a significant breach of any of the auditable environmental areas.
We continue to support our other partners to be ISO 14001 certified - confirming their ability to set up, manage and adhere to an environmental management system.

Promoting Recycling

Our footwear suppliers monitor and remove waste responsibly in compliance with local laws.
Each supplier is encouraged to continually improve waste minimisation and to promote recycling.  All of our shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

<b>Our people</b>

Our people


A company is only as good as how it treats its people.

For 150 years Blundstone has prided itself on positive employment practices.During that time we’ve never experienced work force strikes.

Over the last ten years we have significantly expanded our manufacturing operations from our home in Hobart Tasmania. Our supply management and manufacturing has grown to now include key partners in Vietnam, Mexico, India, China and Thailand.

In working across the globe, we seek partners that have the same ethics when it comes to employment practices. We seek out leadership in sustainability, better working conditions, and delivering above minimum standards.

Freedom to get a fair deal

We advocate for all direct and contract employees to have the right to freedom of association and to bargain without fear of harassment or discrimination. Employees must have the ability to approach management on issues of concern on their own, or through representation.


No discrimination

We will not stand for discrimination. This includes bias based on gender, race, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin.
All of our footwear assembly factories provide paid maternity leave for their employees, and we demand fair treatment of pregnant workers and new mothers.

No child labour

We have extensive safeguards in place to prevent any under-age workers from exploitation.

Fair working hours

Through the review of timesheets, onsite audits and face-to-face verification with employees we adhere to local labour law and regulations.

Correct records

Suppliers are required to keep accurate, transparent timesheets and follow human resource practices.

Modern Slavery Statement

Blundstone formalised its statement on Modern Slavery in compliance with the Australian Government Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). As a business we acknowledge there are risks of modern slavery and human trafficking throughout the value chain. We work closely with our partners throughout the value chain to manage and mitigate these risks.

Our Modern Slavery statement sets out our commitment and outlines the steps we have taken to ensure compliance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act.

<b>Our product</b>

Our product


We pride ourselves on the quality of materials and the skills required to craft our boots. Tough, durable and designed to last.

Recycled & recyclable

Examples of where we maximise the use of recycled and recyclable content includes returning offcuts from our gumboot products back into the manufacturing process.

Some of the PVC waste from manufacturing is processed, diverting 10 tonnes from ending up in landfill each year, and instead being recycled into the inner material for garden hoses.

<b>Our future</b>

Our future


You won’t find us standing still where our future is concerned.

We’re going to be continually shifting the goalposts - getting more ambitious, applying the very latest in technology and material advancements, moving ahead of the times.

So keep checking in on us. In the meantime, these are the areas of focus, investigation and consideration for Blundstone.

Waste minimisation

Actively work with tanneries and global partners to ensure we have access to the most modern manufacturing techniques and identify and implement best practice waste minimisation strategies.

Sourcing sustainable materials

The transparency of our leather sourcing will continue to be a key area of focus.All leather is considered a renewable material. Blundstone source 95% of our leather from sustainably certified tanneries.

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