Women's Boots | Lace Up Series

Women's Lace Up boots, light lace-up Ankle boots, in water-resistant premium Leather

With our collection of women’s Lace Up boots, Blundstone offers a wide range of options for women who love travelling, exploring the city, spending time outdoors and following wherever their passions might lead. Lightweight, breathable and sporty, these boots draw inspiration from iconic models originally produced in the 19th century, updated for added style and comfort. The main feature of this collection are the front laces that allow you to choose your desired fit across the feet. Other features of our women’s Lace Up boots are identical to the rest of the Blundstone range: soft uppers in flexible and waterproof premium leather, a cushioned shock-absorbing midsole to protect your feet and a robust anti-slip sole that gives maximum grip and is heat-resistant without losing its shape. The branded tab on the top part of the laced women’s ankle boots in the Lace Up collection are both practical for easy pull-on, and a design detail that’s synonymous with the Blundstone footwear range. When you wear our women’s Lace Up shoes you’re putting the very best of Blundstone’s 150 year history to the test: hand-selected quality materials and double stitching using threads designed to be 20% stronger against breakage than current industry standards. Choose the boots that best suit your taste and personality on our online store. Rustic leather or suede? Every woman has her own style, and all are guaranteed for limitless adventures with Blundstone. Blundstone, EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME, since 1870.
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