Men's Boots | Originals Series

Men's Originals boots, the iconic series of the brand that includes the 500 model

When you’re telling a story, you need to start from the beginning. Since their creation 150 years ago, Originals men’s boots have encapsulated the unique values behind Blundstone. Ever since the late 19th century, men have chosen Blundstone boots for their reliability, lightness and comfortable fit. Originals have always been a statement item for anyone looking for practical and robust footwear fit for long days and countless adventures. Over the years the Blundstone collection has expanded, and Originals have become the number-one choice both for adventurous souls and those who want to add a classic yet tough edge to an outfit. The Chelsea-style #500 model is Blundstone’s most iconic boot. Crafted from premium 2.5mm brown leather, the waterproof design has an anti-slip toothed rubber sole with a raised heel, a cushioned midsole and a removable footbed to guarantee maximum comfort. All Originals men's boots have front and back tabs for easy pull-on, as well as elasticated side panels available in various colours to suit different styles and personalities. Men's Blundstone Originals are available in both premium leather and suede in the classic Blundstone colours, plus a wide range of seasonal shades. Built to last, they’re suitable for any occasion: perfect for country or mountain walks, a stroll by the sea or active days in the city. Once you’ve chosen your favourite style in our online store, the care instructions will show you how to keep your Originals men’s boots in great condition, with tips on how to remove stains without damaging the material. Blundstone, EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME, since 1870.
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