Men's Boots | Active Series

Men's Active boots, light summer boots, perfect for hot seasons

From now on, you can continue wearing Blundstone right through the summer. The Active men’s boots range is specifically designed to accompany you on your urban and outdoor adventures when the weather heats up. Breathable and waterproof, they’re crafted from various materials: leather, suede or canvas, and they have a super-lightweight upper that won’t slow you down. What’s more, the distinctive design also features an anti-slip sole that’s comfortable and durable, with Featherflex technology that supports your foot at every step on a base that absorbs any shocks in contact with the ground. Thanks to Active men’s boots you can enjoy hiking in the mountains, countryside or coast, as well as busy days in the city. They’re really easy to pull on, thanks to the double tabs and elasticated side panels that can withstand more than 1,000 uses. Choose the Active men’s boots that best suit you on the online store: the warm earth and sea  colours are suitable for both casual and sporty looks, blending perfectly with the season’s trends. With a style that stands the test of time, Blundstone men’s Active boots strike the perfect balance between passion for traditional design and the start of sunnier weather. The wide range of materials means they’re comfortable and durable with a strong focus on details such as the decorative stitching on the front, heel and sole, with co-ordinating elastic elements. Blundstone, EVERYWHERE LIFE TAKES ME, since 1870.
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